Wildlife Spectacles

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Wildlife Spectacles


Wildlife Spectacles
autor: Russel A. Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, Cristina G.Mittermeier e mais 7
ano: 2003
dimensões: 28cm x 31cm
idioma: inglês



Thousands of migratory birds' wings silhouetted against a setting sun; vivid monarch butterflies draped over forest grove branches as living leaves of autumn hue: the mass gatherings of animal species are a powerful and all-too-rare sight. Wildlife Spectacles captures here in brilliant full-color photographs the force and mystery of these exceptional assemblages that have inspired and fascinated us throughout history.

The volume features thirty-six chapters written by some of the world's most distinguished biodiversity scientists that engagingly explain the history, geographic distribution, and daily functions of various animal species, as well as the conservation efforts employed today to ensure their survival. The compelling core of the volume, however, lies in the wealth of beautiful and breathtaking images that documents these vast and magnificent gatherings and the raw power of the animals' daily fight for survival. From thousands of penguins congregating on a rocky Antarctic beach to the brutal attack of a wildebeest by a Nile crocodile, the visual sequences here are a moving testament to the dramatic wonder of the natural world.

Continuing the successful tradition of MegadiversityHotspots, and Wilderness, Wildlife Spectaclespresents an accessible and visually stunning examination of critical conservation issues today.

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